Friday, May 27, 2011

Cut the plastic wrap

Another quick win was to ditch the glad wrap in my lunch box. Not only was this easy but I was able to replace glad wrap with a much cooler product. Meet eco sandwich wraps from 4MyEarth ( 4MyEarth sell a range of re-usable products for you to store your lunch in. Machine washable and made with organic ink dyes make this a great alternative. I bought the Eco Sandwhich Wrap and the Eco Snack Pocket. The wraps are great for sandwiches because you can stuff the sandwich with as many ingredients as you want and it will still fit, in fact I can even fit two sandwiches in one wrap. Great flexibility. And the snack pocket is perfect for biscuits. I have greatly reduced my glad wrap usage thanks to these great products.

Plus they come in the coolest designs! I love the combi vans. And they have labels for the kids. You can buy them on their website

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