Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A life on this earth - the beginning of a journey

How often do you sit back and think about how your daily life affects the world we live in? If you are anything like me it may be more often than most. But that is the only thing I am doing, thinking about it! It is easy to see all the headlines in the news at the moment talking about global warming and climate change and to write it all off as scaremongering or somebody else's problem but it is hard to deny that how we live and the things we do everyday have an effect on our environment.

But the problem is too big, what can I do?! Well that is exactly what I have been wondering about myself. So I've decided to do something... anything. I will start small and work my way up one lightbulb at at time!

I am your average human being living in the western world. I live in a city. I have very little outdoor space. I use a car every day. I am a consumer. I live on an average income. Everything about me is average. Which makes this experiment perfect because no matter what I do, someone else can to. And if through this blog I get just one other person to challenge what they do in their day to day life then I have achieved my goals.

This blog is not out to save the world. It's not here to preach the only way you should live. And it certainly isn't here to make you feel guilty about your life. I have created A Life on this Earth to talk about and share with you my daily struggles to improve the way in which I live on this earth and interact with my own environment.

Why don't you take this journey with me and help me out along the way? I won't always get it right and I definitely don't know it all but with my learning comes experience and I hope in some way a little bit of wisdom.

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