Friday, July 8, 2011

You can't recycle that? Are you sure?!

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Do you know all the things that can be recycled in your neighbouhood pickup? Really? Are you sure? There are many who do not realise the wide range of items that can now be recycled. Check out your local council or government website and find out. Make sure you check the codes! As not all bottles are created equal ;)

In my area these are all the pastics I can recycle*.

 1 – PET
Common Uses: Soft drink and water bottles, salad domes, biscuit trays, shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, squeezy bottles, fruit punnets, fruit juice bottles, liquid soap containers, household cleaners and vitamin containers.

2 – HDPE
Common Uses: Milk bottles, vitamin containers, fruit juice bottles, detergent bottles, sunscreen bottles, shampoo bottles, dishwashing powder container and household cleaners.

3 – PVC
Common Uses: Detergent bottles.

4 – LDPE
Common Uses: Squeezy bottles, ice cream container lids and plastic plates and cups.

5 – PP
Common Uses: Dip containers, ice cream containers tubs, margarine containers, plastic plates, cups, large yoghurt containers and cutlery, and squeezy bottles.

6 – PS
Common Uses: Large yoghurt containers, yoghurt pottles, dip containers, ice cream container tubs and lids. *Does not include polystyrene meat trays, foamed polystyrene hot drink cups and polystyrene packaging

Common Uses: Squeezy bottles, plastic plates and spreadable butters

Obtained from north shore city council

Of course nothing beats making things at home and not having to recycle items like this in the first place. But if that's not possible try and keep these codes in your head when you are at the supermarket. And always check the code before you throw a container out.

*Please note that these codes are relevant in New Zealand and may differ in your own country.

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