Thursday, September 29, 2011


Call them what you like; op shops, charity shops, hospice shops, second hand shops. I love them! I wasn't always like this, I used to want everything new and shiny. That was until I found the hidden treasures that lurked within charity shops. I blame London of course. London has an amazing array of charity shops where you can find the most incredible vintage and antique goods, and many of the other goods such as clothes and books were such great quality you hardly knew you were buying second hand. Now that I'm back in NZ I'm continuing the tradition and love to pop into any charity shop I find.

What did I find this weekend?

A great bowl for salads and pastas.

Love picking up books second hand. Grabbed this one by Maria Keyes.

I haven't done a jigsaw in years but I love them. Almost finished this one!!

What have you recently found at your local charity shop?

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