Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Could you live rubbish free?

Approximately 6 months ago I came across Waveney and Matthew's journey to go rubbish free for a year http://www.rubbishfree.co.nz. I thought it was one of the most inspiring things I had seen and is quite possibly what drove me to try and be the eco consumer I am attempting to be. The premise was quite simple, go rubbish free for an entire year. They did give themselves a little bit of a break and had one rubbish bag for the year but they tried everything they could not to fill it! I love to read what these two are up to and their latest blog post doesn't disappoint. They were approached by Unilever to create a challenge for their 12 executives, something they did with gusto. And what goals have Unilever given itself?
"by 2020 they plan to have halved the environmental footprints of their products, source 100% of their agricultural raw materials sustainably and help one billion people take action to improve their health and wellbeing"
What a great start.

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