Sunday, June 26, 2011

Product Review: Earthwise Laundry Powder

Another new product switch has been in my laundry. I decided to try Earthwise Laundry Powder (fragrance free). A plant and mineral based laundry powder that is safe for grey water and septic tanks. It is advertised as 2x concentrate so you only need a small amount to successfully wash your clothes and they tell the truth. I have been pleasantly surprised by how long one box has lasted. All my clothes and towels have come out perfectly clean and there are no strong artificial smells.

I was disappointed when I first opened the box to find the powder inside was contained within plastic so I contacted Earthwise who in response to my query replied "the plastic bag we use is fully recyclable" so I'm happy enough with that result.

Overall I found the Laundry Powder to be a great product and will definitely continue to buy it.

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