Friday, June 17, 2011

Product Review: Eco store shampoo & conditioner

I have slowly been switching as many products as I can over to environmentally friendly options. About a month ago I switched my shampoo & conditioner over to ecostore shampoo and conditioner for normal hair.

These products are made from all plant based ingredients so not only are you putting less chemicals down the shower drain, it is also much better for your skin.

I used both for awhile, and I noticed that my hair was getting a little more oily and just generally a little more lacking. I also found myself washing my hair twice as often as I normally do. This turned out to be my biggest problem as I was going through the shampoo twice as fast as my normal shampoo, and as it is more expensive it was quite a concern. I also did not like that it doesn't lather as well as my normal shampoo which means it was difficult to get it deep into the roots of my hair and down the full length of my hair (I have very long hair).

I knew my hair may need time to get used to new shampoo so I did give it a long time before I made up my mind. Unfortunately my hair never returned to it's normal fullness. So I decided that unfortunately this shampoo was not for me. I do however love the citrus smell of it so I decided to try combining a shampoo that I know works for me with the ecostore conditioner which had such a lovely smell. This seems to work perfectly for my hair so at the very least I am converted on the conditioner, but sadly the shampoo just wasn't for me.

I love that eco store have created such a broad range of products and that most of them are available in local supermarkets. I hope to try their skin care range next however I need to wait till I run out of my current moisturisers :)

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