Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baking Time - Bread Rolls

I had a bit of free time on Sunday so I decided it was a great opportunity to try out a recipe for bread rolls I have been wanting to use since I saw it on one my favourite new blogs ittybittyimpact.com. The actual recipe comes from another blog which is referenced from itty bitty but to make it easier for you, you can find the full recipe here.

Before I started making a mess.

I have never baked bread in my life, nor did I ever watch my mum bake bread so I knew this would be a bit of an experiment. I had never worked with yeast before so that was my biggest concern but the recipe was really easy to follow and all the ingredients were simple to find. 

Baking is so much fun. You always get to make a mess.

The only thing I changed about the recipe is that I used Mixed Grain Bread Flour instead of just white so I had a bit of extra texture and taste to it. And I'm pleased I made the switch.

The finished blob. Had to wait 2 hours for it to rise.

All cooked.

I also used itty bitty's recommendation and made 12 instead of 8 so they were a little smaller as I wasn't using them for burgers.

The finished product. Yum yum.

I am so pleased at how they turned out. There is a lot of waiting involved but it really didn't take that much effort. I'm looking forward to attempting to make an entire bread loaf next time! I also couldn't help show you my little companion who helped keep me company while I was baking.

Possum says Hi


  1. They turned out great!!!! Nice work. I usually prefer hard-crust rolls (more of a french bread texture) but these were a nice change as they were fluffy and squooshy and soft. Really perfect for sandwiches and burgers. Glad you had success!

  2. I like crustry rolls too. Hopefully I'll find a recipe for those kind too.